So. This walk…

Since there appear to be some people who are interested enough in walking and taking photos at the same time as I’m walking and taking photos, I thought I’d better flesh out some ideas about where me might like to wander this weekend.

Needless to say, given the part of the world I’m in, the weather will play a part in where we go. When the sun was splitting the stones here the last few days, it seemed pretty easy, we could go anywhere. It sometimes takes the idea of bringing other folks around to remind you of what a lovely part of the world you live in.

Then the heavens opened this afternoon.

So Saturday is looking ok on the mid range forecast and the plan at the moment is to base ourselves on the Strandhill peninsula for the early afternoon and depending on the weather and how people are feeling either hang out there for the evening or head into Sligo town for a wander, some food and a few pints.

In Strandhill, we can pick up Knocknarea and the beach. There’s a lovely little hidden spot I’d like to bring you to as well. Bring decent walking shoes and a raincoat!

If anyone is interested in hanging around on Sunday we might head for Lissadell/Gleniff/North Sligo.

Meet up at Knocknarea Mountain Car Park at 12:30 on Saturday. Linky

If anyone needs to contact me, DM me on Twitter or facebook and I’ll send you on my number.

A walk. With photos.

So once upon a time, there were some people. They liked taking photographs. Occasionally they walked around the place. Sometimes they even did both at the same time. And once in a blue moon, they did it in the company of others.

As time went on, they met up less and less often. Some of them still took photos, some less so. Pixie disappeared, Flickr wasn’t quite the same. Where there had been photoblogs, there were 404 messages. Shutters that had clicked fell silent.

But lately, there seem to have been stirrings. Cameras that were laid down have been picked up with a kind of fond nostalgia. The simple pleasure of looking into a viewfinder as opposed to staring a smartphone screen was rekindled.

I was thinking of walking around and taking some photographs in Sligo on the 18th May (it’s not a blue moon, although there is a full moon).

If anyone else felt like walking around and taking some photographs at the same time, that’d be swell. There may even be pints.